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7 Reasons to Start a Career in Cyber Security

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Did you know it is estimated that by 2023, cybercriminals will have stolen 33 billion records? The threats from cybercrime are only getting larger, and more trained people are needed to combat them. But do you know how your career can benefit?

With a constant supply of work, many may describe it as a dream job. Read on as we give seven reasons you may consider a career in cybersecurity. 

1. Salary Can Be Strong

While making a great living should not be the only reason to choose a career, it does help. Cybersecurity jobs are plentiful but have few qualified people, meaning the pay is usually higher than many entry-level jobs from the start. As you build experience and a reputation, this may increase more for you. 

In addition to this, cyber threats are only going to get more sophisticated and dangerous. This will also put the experts in even more demand, pushing up the cybersecurity salary. 

2. Companies Need Compliance

While your main job is keeping companies safe from online threats, they also have another motive for hiring qualified Cybersecurity specialists. More and more companies that do business online have to comply with certain data and safety regulations, and they can not do that without the help of someone who knows the industry. 

The HIPAA and GDPR are just two of the many regulatory bodies demanding specific sectors commit to safeguarding customer data. As the list of these grows, a cybersecurity specialist is only going to be in more demand. 

3. You Can Work With High Profile Organizations and Companies

Once you are in demand, you have no cap on the number of high-profile organizations you can work with. Your cybersecurity certifications, coupled with high-level security clearance, provide you with tremendous opportunities in various companies that may interest you. 

A career in the government, military, or the FBI could be one option, but you will need a high-security clearance in these and many other positions. You may desire a career in Cyber Security in the financial sectors, such as major banks. Or, perhaps you may explore entertainment companies such as streaming services. 

The truth is that everyone needs cybersecurity support. As soon as a job becomes available at your preferred company, apply!

4. The Global Pandemic Has Increased Threats

Cybersecurity jobs were in demand before the pandemic. However, during the crisis, a massive movement towards remote working began. When the pandemic receded, remote working stayed where it was. 

This resulted in a world where companies now operate from different corners of the world instead of the same office. With so much data transfer over the internet, security becomes a huge priority. Everything from financial details to intellectual property could quickly be taken without safeguards in place. 

Once again, this has put the cybersecurity expert front and center. Setting up safe, remote working platforms is now one of the main priorities for most companies. 

5. Evergreen Industry

Unlike most industries, there is no period of downtime. Cybersecurity does not ease off after the holiday season or quieten down when people go on vacation over summer. In addition, it is not impacted by global economics or recessions, causing it to shrink. 

Cybersecurity is always at the forefront, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As long as you keep up with the new threats that come your way, you will always be at work. You may even have more offers than it is possible to take on.  

6. Excellent Growth Opportunities

As well as cybersecurity in general, you have the chance to become a world expert in a particular field. As different industries develop their digital infrastructure and practices, the need for specialists is increasing. 

It could be that you have to prevent specific threats to the mobile phone industry. You may have to secure financial information for cryptocurrency providers. The opportunity to specialize in something so important is available.

7. You Can Be a Digital Nomad

Once you have your cybersecurity degree, you can work from anywhere. You are not bound to an office cubicle. If you decide to work freelance, the world is your oyster. 

You could be working for a high-profile government organization while sipping cocktails on a beach. Perhaps you may be preventing attacks on a major retail organization from a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. All of this, or you could decide just to stay at home and see more of your family.

8. Your Job Will Always Have a Purpose

Of course, the salary will be excellent, but what will be better is doing a job with purpose. You will be the last line of defense against hard-working companies and the threats of the internet, meaning your career is one of the most important on the planet. 

9. You Learn Transferable Skills

Even if you do cybersecurity for a few years and then decide to change your career, you will be in a solid position. Not only will you need good IT knowledge, an in-demand job in its own right, but you will have a host of desirable skills. Creativity and problem solving are just a few of the many traits recruiters search for these days, which you will have honed to perfection. 

Getting Started in Cyber Security

Now you know the benefits of working in cybersecurity, you need to get started. Research qualifications that you need, and try to get some experience with a company. Before you know it, you could have an exciting, high-paid career!

Your first stop for cybersecurity training should be Intercoast. We specialize in comprehensive education on cybersecurity, from short lessons to complete qualifications. Contact us here and start your journey to a new career!



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