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9 traits of a Cybersecurity Specialist

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According to the BLS, the average annual pay for an experienced cybersecurity expert is high.

The demand for information technology specialists has been increasing over the years. Employees in that niche get paid higher than in many other fields, and they also get a chance to learn and grow in a highly competitive environment.

If you have always wanted to become a cybersecurity specialist, there are a few habits and traits that you must possess for the hiring companies to consider you. This article will discuss those attributes. Read them to know if you are fit or if you should make a few improvements.

1. Problem Solver

Are you innovative? Can you handle challenging and stressful situations in the workplace? If yes, then you can manage to be a cybersecurity specialist.

Cybersecurity experts undergo some technical problems in their workplaces. These problems range from phishing attacks to spam emails. And when anything fishy happens in the IT department, all fingers point at you.

To survive, you should have analytical thinking skills to solve issues. It does not hurt to seek help if the problems at hand are complex, but you should try to provide immediate solutions.

If you don’t have the strength to solve issues alone, you can use available resources to advance your skills. Nevertheless, you should always believe in yourself if you are doing the right thing.

2. Ethical Skills

The ideal cybersecurity specialist should have a strong sense of ethics. They should be willing to do the right thing, even when they can do the wrong thing.

The job exposes specialists to thousands of critical data. The data includes the customer’s details, personal identification numbers, receipts, financial statements, etc. 

Your role as the cybersecurity expert is to protect that information against unauthorized third parties. You should not steal it, alter it, or sell it off to the hackers. You should have a high level of integrity to deliver your best, irrespective of the environment. 

3. Attention to Details

You must be vigilant and attentive to the small details. Remember that the job requires you to protect vital information regarding your business.

A small mistake can cause a substantial amount of losses in the firm. It can render you jobless and might also cause the closure of the entire business.

So, what should you be keen on? The first important thing that you should always protect is passwords. No one else in the firm should access them except you. 

Secondly, you should be keen on the behavior of the people around you. Nowadays, you can’t trust anyone in business because close friends could be hackers.

Lastly, you should be keen on what people tell you. You should also not ignore what’s happening in the outside world. What happened to other firms can quickly happen to yours, and so you should always be alert!

4. Quick Learner

The ideal cybersecurity specialist should be a quick learner. They should be ready to embrace change. The digital world is changing rapidly, which means that specialists can’t stick to the old tactics.

The data hackers are always a step ahead, and to defeat them, the cybersecurity experts should always be ahead of them. The expert should, therefore, let go of their ego and be willing to learn.

They should also have the ability to capture the most complex concepts and apply them well without making mistakes. So, if you are not a quick learner, start practicing today to make the best of your cybersecurity career.

5. Responsive

Data breaches happen very first. They also occur when they are least expected. And when they happen, the cybersecurity expert is always the first person to be blamed.

The pressure can be too much, especially if the breach causes a massive loss of the company’s data. One can only overcome the stress if he/she is responsive. In such situations, they should clear their name by providing the right information. 

The explanations could include giving possible reasons for how and why the breach could have happened. However, you should not become too aggressive, even if the loss was not your fault. The key here is to be responsive because you could suffer if you stay silent on the matter.

Even if a breach has not happened, you should still respond well to your client’s queries, opinions, and concerns regarding the company’s security. Positive responsiveness shows that you have respect and professionalism for your job.

6. Technical Know-how Skills

The important trait that all cybersecurity specialists should have is technical know-how.  

Cybersecurity is all about technology. Sometimes, you will be required to maintain the IT systems, troubleshoot issues, secure data, or even monitor the networks. 

All these rules will require you to be conversant with technology. This means that you should do IT-related courses in school, including specialty coursework in cybersecurity. 

You should also enroll in various training programs to boost your skills or work closely with the IT gurus to learn more about technology and increase your field expertise.

7. Be able to Obtain High-Level Security

Cybersecurity specialists will likely require high-level security clearances to work in the field.  This means you must have a “clean background” and pass a thorough background check that will be conducted by employers interested in hiring the trained candidate.  This is very important, so consider this before you enroll in a cybersecurity program. 

8. Must be able to Obtain Necessary Certifications

The trained cybersecurity person will be required to hold some certifications to work in the field.  Students usually take those certification examinations after receiving training.  These tests should not be taken lightly as they require serious studying to pass.  Some colleges will offer classes to prepare you for the exams and will even provide exam preparation sessions.  In any case, research the types of certifications available to you and discuss it with your college career services department. 

9. Excellent Communication Skills

The ideal cybersecurity expert should have excellent communication skills. They should express themselves well verbally. Besides talking, they should have incredible listening skills. They should also be useful in written language.

The fact that you coordinate most digital activities in every department makes you the firm’s focal point. You should, therefore, be an open-minded person with incredible interactive skills. 

You should talk to people well and pay attention to their needs and concerns. Even if you are an introvert, you should at least try for the sake of the work. 

When your communication skills are exemplary, you can create harmony at work and avoid misunderstandings in IT departments.

Learn How to Become a Cybersecurity Specialist Today

Do you wish to become a cybersecurity specialist? Do you have the traits discussed above? If so, then you should build your career in that niche. Find a mentor to help you grow your skills and stay focused.

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