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Every 39 seconds, hackers attack a server or network somewhere. And by 2020, the estimated per data breach will cost more than $150 million.

These basic cybersecurity statistics should alarm everyone.

With those stats in mind, people should understand the internet is never fully safe. Everything can be hacked, and the few safe spots on the internet are kept that way thanks to teams of cybersecurity professionals.

These are the people responsible for keeping your data, and you, safe every day.

They studied hard to be entrusted with such a crucial responsibility.

Industries are realizing they need more support to keep their data safe and are in need of cybersecurity professionals. There simply aren’t enough people to keep up with hackers and keep everyone safe, so more people are being recruited who have earned certificates in this specialized field.

If you’re thinking about entering the world of cybersecurity, that means now is the time.

Start studying hard, and be ready when a company calls on you to protect its most valuable resource — its information.

Keep reading below to learn how our cybersecurity program can help you prepare for your future.

Everything’s Online, So Everything’s Vulnerable

The entire world has basically been uploaded to the internet.

Businesses can’t survive without internet access since most of their information is stored on servers. And your own personal information, including social media posts and financial details, are connected too.

That may mean easier, faster, and overall better services for everyone.

Yet, it also means that there is more information vulnerable to being stolen than ever before. It means that people with the knowledge to penetrate systems and collect info can do so on unprecedented scales.

To be safe on the internet, you have to assume that everything is hackable. To work to keep other people safe on the internet, you have to be just as knowledgeable as hackers.

Hackers Are After Information, Not Money

The myth that hackers are after servers loaded with cash is simply wrong.

Instead, hackers pursue information, which can later be sold on the darknet for huge profits. Hackers may also pursue information to help sway political tides or even sow social discord.

That’s why organizations are learning to guard their information like it’s gold since information is worth more.

With the right information, hackers can amass huge amounts of power over entire networks and systems. Once networks are penetrated, they may find the information they need to hack another.

From there, hackers’ levels of access to different systems can snowball. Once one network is penetrated, they can get access to another. There, they may find a way to get into yet another system.

The only things stopping them are teams of cybersecurity professionals who work to stay ahead of them. All organizations can do to protect themselves is control their information flows so that only the people authorized to access it do.

Cybersecurity Is A Growing Field

Since hackers are always becoming savvier, so are cybersecurity professionals. That means more jobs will always open up to keep up with the bad guys. Yet, the field is in the midst of a major skill gap.

There’s a new concept, exploit, or malware to deal with every day. As a result of hackers defending against hackers, new security threats are created daily. That means the field can only grow as more people are required to deal with increasingly advanced issues.

Cybersecurity Technicians Are In Demand

By 2021, there’s expected to be 3.5 million vacant jobs in cybersecurity.

That number is a result of a gap in the skills needed to become full-time cybersecurity professionals. While most people pursue careers in software development or basic information technology, few become cybersecurity pros.

That means that almost every technology position has a level of cybersecurity to it. Software developers are expected to secure their creations, and IT pros are taught basic defense techniques. Yet, it’s not enough to defend against the hordes of hackers pummeling the internet.

By 2021, cybercrime is also expected to cost the world $6 trillion. That only means more companies will hire cybersecurity professionals if only to save money.

And it won’t matter how experienced they are or the education they have, as long as they know how to defend information.

Funding A Cybersecurity Program Is Easier Than Ever

Just because the positions sound fancy doesn’t mean you need to empty your bank account to enter the field. Since cybersecurity professionals are in such high demand, there are also various funding opportunities for anyone looking to become one.

A few of them are below!


There are plenty of regular scholarships available for anyone looking to study cybersecurity. And some of these scholarships will assist with expenses as the student is working through school.

Most will cover a full ride through a program, and many will at least get you close.

These scholarships aren’t just ways to fund your way through a program. They also kickstart your career. For example, the US Navy offers a full ride scholarship for everyone and guarantees them a yearlong position after graduating.

Financial Aid Funding Is Available

Not everyone can afford school, and there are grants and loans available through the  federal Title IV programs for those who meet the requirements. And there are different requirements for different kinds of funding sources.

For example, the Federal Pell Grant is awarded to those who show a low or zero estimated family contribution, due to income levels, assets, household size, marital status, and other factors. Many student loan programs are based on similar criteria, but there are some other loan programs not based on estimated family contribution. It is suggested you meet with the financial aid officer at the college you are considering attending in order to determine your eligibility.

Veterans Can Enter the Civilian Workplace Prepared

Veterans also have the opportunity to attend a cybersecurity program through the various Veteran’s Administration programs.

The VA office offers an educational assistance program that covers many different kinds of educational programs. Whether you’re looking for a trade school, a traditional college, or an apprenticeship, the VA may be able to assist qualified Veterans.

It Doesn’t Take Long to Enter Cybersecurity

Even though it may seem like there’s a lot to learn while studying cybersecurity, it doesn’t take much time. In fact, a cybersecurity training program may take approximately a year to complete. You can take your certification examinations while attending your program.  Once you complete all requirements to enter the field, you will be well equipped to handle the ever changing field. And, you can stay competitive by taking and passing various certifications required by most employers. 

That’s because while other fields have you memorize facts and figures, cybersecurity teaches you concepts.

You’ll learn how to spot suspicious behavior in a network and spot vulnerabilities in a system. In a cybersecurity program, you learn how to approach malware and threats safely, yet effectively.

This is different from other engineering courses, which teach rigid mathematical concepts. While you will still leave a program with basic engineering principles, students will be more versed in how to use technology.

They’ll also know how to  protect against less technological attacks like phishing attempts or social engineering tricks

Many Companies are Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals

Graduates who earn the appropriate certifications will be ready for the job market because it’s hard to find an industry that isn’t hiring cybersecurity technicians. Because, right now, every industry is dependent on the internet. The internet is where companies store employee, customer, and organizational information.

And as digital attacks become more prevalent, more industries are trying to guarantee the safety of the data. To do this, companies are hiring their own cybersecurity professionals.

You could end up working for a cybersecurity firm, retail store, or other private company. In any case, technicians are becoming more in demand, since almost all industries are dependent on the internet.

And with us, you’ll have a dedicated team who will work to assist you in finding an entry-level position so that you can begin to accumulate the work experience and additional education to earn higher salaries.  

The Job Is For A Certain Kind Of Person

Yet, it’s important to note that the demands of the job may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The industry requires that you stay current in the field, and update your certifications as required. This means you will always be preparing for examinations and learning new information, as the industry is constantly changing.

Cyber attacks can happen anytime, so expect that you may be on call with some companies almost 24 hours a day. Don’t be surprised if you need to run to the office at 2:00 a.m. to deal with hackers.

The best cybersecurity professionals are also paranoid to an extent. They understand that anyone can use their level of access to jeopardize the whole company.

Anyone can give hackers an entry point to a network, either unintentionally or not.

That means cybersecurity professionals need to evaluate how much they can trust specific individuals. Before giving just anyone access to an organization’s network, technicians need to determine how much access they need.

Then, they need to monitor them, as well as everyone else, to ensure the network is protected.

It’s a demanding and tough job that requires someone who cautiously trusts people. Yet, it’s also an essential role in the modern workplace. By protecting data, you’re protecting people, and that can be as fulfilling than a paycheck.

Many Find Cybersecurity A Good “Fit” for Them

Those who love computer technology and have good attention to detail may find the field rewarding. Joining a cybersecurity program will teach you what you need to know to be successful in the field. Enrolling in a program is the first step towards building a foundation in the field of Cybersecurity.  Your success will be instrumental in protecting your company from being hacked.

If you’re ready to start your next journey into cybersecurity, just start here. By the end of our yearlong program and after obtaining the necessary certifications, you’ll be ready to protect not just your own data.

You’ll protect the data of your company, and all the people it serves.



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